Personnels of Core Scientific International.

The President of the Company is Sandeep Kaur Singh (M.Sc. Chemistry), has extensive expertise in Alpha spectroscopy, Gamma Spectroscopy and in the application of this technique to Geochronology and paleolimnology using Lead dating technique, Pb-210 analysis and radio isotope analysis. Sandeep has Master Degree of Science, major in Chemistry, minor Biochemistry, Botany and Supporting Entomology.
Sandeep has an extensive experience in research and development of Radionuclide analysis (Pb-210, Cs-137, Ra-226, Rn-222, Be-7, Th-232, U-238, Hg-198, Hg-200, Hg-202)

Sandeep has an opportunity to provide services to the following research institutions

Univ. of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA, USA

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR, USA

Univ. of Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

Ecology and Environment, Inc. International Specialist in the Environment, Seattle, WA, USA

Faltermeier Conservation Restoration, Singapore

British Antartic Survey, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Test America, The Leader in Environmental Testing, North Canton, OH, USA

Mexican Institute of Water Technology, Mexico

The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji

RPA Engineering Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

AirVironment Canada, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, South Africa

Rice University, Houston, TEXAS, USA

Sandeep Kaur Singh has analyzed 210Pb, in more than 1200 cores, with several thousand samples (Samples from all over Canada, USA, Sweden-Stocholm University, Indonesia, Chile, Singapore, Mexico, Fiji, United Kingdom, South Africa) during the past 10 years at Core Scientific International & World's leading Research Organization for radionuclides. These cores have come from a diversity of different environments; from the Canadian arctic to the high Andes Mountains.

Sandeep Kaur Singh has strong expertise in Ra-226 analysis by radon emanation method using Alpha Spectroscopy, Cs-137 & Be-7 analysis by gamma spectroscopy, Hg Biogeochemistry - MeHg analysis in water by cold vapour chromatography, Analysis of multi elements & Hg ratio ( Hg-198, Hg-200, Hg-202) by ICP-MS, Analytical chemistry, Successful Participation in EML-QAP (Quality Assessment Program thoroughly analysed at the Environmental Measurement Laboratory) proficiency testing program for radionuclides.

Sandeep Kaur Singh has experience in quality control and Quality Assurance at Canada's leading Manufacturing Pharmaceutical company


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